My job, my self : work and the creation of the modern individual (전자도서, 2000) [Loyola University Libraries]
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My job, my self : work and the creation of the modern individual

저자: Al Gini
출판사: New York : Routledge, 2000.
판/형식:   전자도서 : 문서 : 영어모든 판과 형식 보기
"Why do we work? And why do we work so obsessively? Gini observes that work rules, runs, and sometimes ruins our lives. But what is intriguing is that in spite of this, many of us come to love, or at least need, that which holds us captive. Peppered with real voices from workers and employers across America, and with references from psychology to history to economics, My Job, My Self shows us the human cost of a  더 읽기…
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장르/형태: Electronic books
추가적인 물리적 형식: Print version:
Gini, Al, 1944-
My job, my self
(DLC) 99048225
자료 유형: 문서, 인터넷 자료
문서 유형 인터넷 자원, 컴퓨터 파일
모든 저자 / 참여자: Al Gini
ISBN: 9781135288525 1135288526
OCLC 번호: 862746641
설명: 1 online resource (xiii, 266 pages)
내용: You are what you do --
Work --
what is it? --
Collar color doesn't count --
Good work/bad work --
Lack of vision --
All work, but very little ethics --
Women in the workplace --
Squeezing time --
Workaholism, stress, and fatigue --
The work, spend, and debt syndrome --
Moral leadership and business ethics --
The end of work: is Rifkin right? --
The failure of work --
The future of work.
책임: Al Gini.


This book explores why we work, how our work affects us, and what we will become as a nation of workers. It is a lively and humorous meditation on the nature of work and identity, the costs and  더 읽기…
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"He looks at it [work-related topics] all through his own humane yet practical lens...The result is packed with insights for workers and bosses alike...Gini covers a big topic from many different 더 읽기…

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